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Duke Football Garnering National Attention

To find news about Duke Football on rivals.com, it usually takes a few clicks to navigate to the school’s individual page. And then, you usually have to convince the website that, no, you’re not here for basketball news. And then, buried deep in the website where good news has rarely been found in the past several years, you find the stories on Duke Football.

Well, no longer.

Look! There, on the very front page of rivals.com, amongst the top stories from around the country, reads the headline, ‘Duke has pretty good week.’

Okay, perhaps this is a non-story for premier programs like the Ohio States, USC’s and LSU’s of the world, but for the Blue Devils? Hell, I’m sure they’ll take it.

But that’s not all. They’re even featured in a USA Today recruiting blog, “Michigan State, Duke surprise in football recruiting.”  

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