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Duke-Alabama Game To Stay In Durham

Back in May, Duke planned to move its 2010 home game against Alabama down to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta for “more money and recruiting exposure,” said former athletic director Joe Alleva. A lot has changed since then—and, according to The Birmingham News, so has that decision.

Alleva has been officially replaced by Kevin White, but, more importantly, David Cutcliffe’s team is actually winning and doesn’t necessarily need the recruiting exposure of a game in Atlanta. Plus, by 2010, Wallace Wade Stadium might, you know, be intimidating for an opponent.

—by Ben Cohen



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Tim Russert on Kevin White’s Bookshelf

I met with Kevin White, Duke’s first-year athletic director, Monday morning and started talking about books, as we did in our last conversation in June. White told me he had time to read two books on his way to and from Beijing, where he watched Mike Krzyzewski in the Olympics for about five days. He read Jim Nantz’ “Always By My Side” there and Tim Russert’s “Big Russ and Me” on the way back.

White had some nice things to say about the late Russert, as he became friends with him through–what else?–Notre Dame Football. I’ll let the man speak for himself in the clip below:

–by Ben Cohen

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Duke Promotes Kennedy, Hires Corrigan’s Son

Director of Athletics Kevin White promoted veteran Senior Associate Director of Athletics Chris Kennedy to deputy athletic director in a statement Tuesday. Kennedy, an English professor and Duke athletic department member since 1977, served as interim athletic director after Joe Alleva left for Louisiana State University and before White was hired from Notre Dame. Kennedy will still be responsible for day-to-day operations, compliance and academic support.

In other athletic department news, White announced the hiring of former Notre Dame staffers Stan Wilcox and Boo Corrigan as senior administrators. Corrigan is the son of former ACC commissioner and Duke graduate Gene Corrigan, who served as a consultant in Duke’s search to replace Alleva and seemed to play an instrumental role in bringing White to Duke.

–by Ben Cohen


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White Meets and Greets Local Media

It was no coincidence that newly hired Director of Athletics Kevin White held his first media luncheon today in the Yoh Football Center–the former Notre Dame athletic director understands the need to back David Cutcliffe and his program. Some quick notes from today’s meet-and-greet:

  • White is a major part of the national scene of athletic directors (he’s even president of NACDA), and has been jet-setting quite a bit. Now that he’s back in Durham and settled in an apartment while looking for more a more permanent residence, he is ready to “dig in.”
  • One of the topics that came up during lunch was his desire to formulate a facilities master plan. Similar to “Unrivaled Ambition,” the department’s strategic plan that was developed earlier this year, the facility master plan would help ensure that Duke’s facilities keep up with the years and the growing demand. Right now, White is most interested in what can be done to improve Wallace Wade. “It needs not a face lift, but a makeover,” he said.

–by Chase Olivieri

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It’s Not Easy Wearing Notre Dame Green

Bundled with headlines in today’s Chicago Tribune about yesterday’s USA Basketball press conference, the inevitable 2008 Cubs World Series, and the daily Derrick Rose vs. Michael Beasley banter was this piece about finding a new athletic director at Notre Dame. In analyzing the difficulties of guiding one of the country’s most prestigious athletic departments, the story read more like postmortem No. 2 on the Kevin White Era in the land of the Golden Dome. The most interesting quote came from former ND athletic director-turned-Duke search consultant Gene Corrigan, who was reportedly the first person to reach out to White about the Duke position:

“It’s no secret Kevin was upset about that,” Corrigan said [of the firing of former head football coach Tyrone Willingham]. “He probably has turned down five jobs that would have paid him more money than he’ll get at Duke. He wasn’t running away from Notre Dame, but I think he was looking, and if the right thing came up, I think he felt like he would try it.”

Current LSU baseball head coach Paul Mainieri, who guided the program in South Bend from 1995 to 2006, said this:

“When you go to a place like Notre Dame that believes very strongly in a way to do things, you either adapt to the way Notre Dame does it, or you don’t work there.”

White doesn’t work at Notre Dame anymore, so it makes you wonder if the way he believes in doing things will ultimately lead him to find success at Duke.

by Meredith Shiner

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Feinstein On White’s Hiring

Washington Post sports columnist John Feinstein certainly is not afraid to speak his mind about Duke Athletics, and that’s why we’re fans of him over at The Chronicle. Well that, and he was a two-time sports editor of The Chronicle in the 70s.

Perhaps his favorite target was Joe Alleva, and in a recent interview with ACC Nation and in an interview with The Chronicle in April, compared the former athletic director to a “cat”–and not in a good way. He says Alleva got the job at LSU because of the “15 letters of recommendation” he wrote for him.

Now, Feinstein’s sounding off on Duke’s hiring of Kevin White. The review? So-so.

Feinstein took umbrage that Duke would pay Gene Corrigan of Bill Carr & Associates, a consulting firm that assisted Duke, when the former ACC commissioner and Notre Dame athletic director offered to do the job for free as a member of the search committee. He’s also “disappointed” that the committee decided to only review current athletic directors, eliminating associate athletic director Mike Cragg, the director of the Legacy Fund who almost certainly had Mike Krzyzewski’s endorsement.

“What I said to some of my Duke friends is, if the committee had take this sort of in-the-box approach in 1981 when they were looking for a basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski would never have gotten the job as basketball coach. If you want to be great, you have to think out of the box. This committee thought in the box.”

Here’s Feinstein’s parting shot: “Kevin White will be an improvement on Joe Alleva. So would my cat.” Ah, yes. The feline frenzy, again.

–by Ben Cohen

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Chronicle Poll: Most Oppose White’s Hiring

Newly-hired Director of Athletics Kevin White appears to be as good of a hire as Duke could have wanted: he has past experience as an athletic director (at Notre Dame, no less), has healthy relationships with David Cutcliffe and Mike Krzyzewski, knows how to work the business side of the job and possesses an infectious spirit that should excite boosters. All of that makes the poll currently on The Chronicle’s website even more surprising.

The poll asks whether White was the right hire. At this time, almost  1,100 people have voted, and the response is overwhelmingly anti-White. About 96 percent of voters have said White was not the best fit, while only 4 percent (that’s 44 people, folks; you do the math) have expressed their pleasure with White’s hiring.

Of course, polls can always be skewed, and The Chronicle will weigh in on White’s appointment in Thursday’s paper, but what do you think: Was White a good hire?

–by Ben Cohen

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