About The Chronicle

The Chronicle, the Monday-through-Friday independent daily newspaper at Duke University, is actually older than the University itself. The first issue of The Trinity Chronicle was published Dec. 19, 1905. Trinity College became Duke University in 1924, and the newspaper continued to cover campus news and the world around it, evolving from a weekly newspaper to a bi-weekly and then a tri-weekly in the middle of a century and finally to a weekday daily in 1968.

With a circulation of about 15,000 and distribution throughout the University, Health System and parts of Durham, The Chronicle has a print readership of about 30,000. The Chronicle Online, established in 1995, gets an average of more than 70,000 hits every day. The Chronicle’s Sports Blog was launched in 2007. The Chronicle’s sports section covers every Duke varsity sport and sends at least two writers and a photographer to every football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball game, home or away.

Today, we are completely independent of the University and funded entirely by advertising revenue. The Duke Student Publishing Company, formed when the organization incorporated as a non-profit in 1993, has expanded to include a student web portal, a newspaper at the School of Law and a biannual housing guide, among other publications.

For more information about The Chronicle’s sports section, please contact Sports Editor Ben Cohen at bzc2@duke.edu.

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