Duke-Alabama Game To Stay In Durham

Back in May, Duke planned to move its 2010 home game against Alabama down to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta for “more money and recruiting exposure,” said former athletic director Joe Alleva. A lot has changed since then—and, according to The Birmingham News, so has that decision.

Alleva has been officially replaced by Kevin White, but, more importantly, David Cutcliffe’s team is actually winning and doesn’t necessarily need the recruiting exposure of a game in Atlanta. Plus, by 2010, Wallace Wade Stadium might, you know, be intimidating for an opponent.

—by Ben Cohen



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5 responses to “Duke-Alabama Game To Stay In Durham

  1. Sandy

    Let Alabama come to Durham. We will crush the Tide.

  2. terry

    were not coming to play basketball

  3. BigRollTide

    You do know your coach graduated from Alabama? He also knows he’s gonna LOSE to his alma mater. Tar Heels will kick your butts too as long asd Butch Davis stays.

  4. hitman

    I hope you folks in the state of Duke have toothbrushes for us. We don’t got them in Alabama.

  5. deathwish

    HA Ha ha your funny sandy

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