Duke Coins “Have a Coca-Cola With Coach Cut”

David Cutcliffe and Bart Smith, director of promotions, told The Chronicle two weeks ago that the head coach’s film session with 30 freshmen in the Marketplace was not a one-time occasion. This week, Cutcliffe told The Chronicle, he will meet with all students at 8 p.m. in the Great Hall on West Campus, a venue bound to attract more than just 30 eager first-years.

Some Duke students received an e-mail Monday morning to announce the event with this poster. Apparently, the athletic department enjoyed our mention of Coca-Cola so much that it decided to name the bi-weekly event after it. Free wings and nachos would normally be enough to garner a decent crowd in its own right; add Cutcliffe, and it could result in a class no Duke student is willing to cut.

–by Ben Cohen



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2 responses to “Duke Coins “Have a Coca-Cola With Coach Cut”

  1. I’m pretty sure that the Coca-Cola aspect of this was carefully planned out. It has been prominently displayed on every poster, advertisement, and website. Need I mention that Duke has enjoyed a fruitful contract with Coca-Cola for decades? In a state that is decidedly Pepsi? Hmm.

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