ANNOUNCEMENT: Chronicle Sports Blog Q&A Session, Sept. 24

The Chronicle’s Sports Blog is happy to announce our first Q&A session with Chronicle reporters and beat writers. We will take your questions about anything and everything Duke Athletics throughout the week and then post our answers Wednesday, Sept. 24, right here on the Sports Blog. Question: how can you post your questions? Answer: Simple. Leave them in the comments section of this post (or any subsequent post), or e-mail them to Sports Editor Ben Cohen at Fire away!



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10 responses to “ANNOUNCEMENT: Chronicle Sports Blog Q&A Session, Sept. 24

  1. How many scholarships for each sport? Does Field Hockey get 3 to split up amongst its players while Basketball gets, say, 12? Also, is scholarship information for athletic teams publicly available?

  2. I know there has been a lot of hype surrounding the football team on Duke’s campus, but how do you really think the Blue Devils are going to stack up against ACC opponents? Also, on a somewhat related note, is there any win that you think will inspire students to take down the goal posts? And, more importantly, should they?

    Best wishes,

  3. Kevin

    I know it’s only the fall, but how is the men’s lacrosse team shaping up? With Matt Danowski and Zack greer gone, who’s going to step up next year? Have they named captains yet?

  4. Joe

    Is there any update on the football stadium? How far along to they expect to be with all these “improvements” come next season?

  5. Luke

    I saw the men’s soccer team held their own against Maryland despite Grella getting a red card in the first half. Do they have any chance of making a run in the ACC, though? Or should we just chalk this up to a rebuilding year?

  6. Mark

    If football beats Virginia this week, do you think they’ll get any votes in the next poll?

  7. Greg

    Do you think K will play me and Nolan more at the same time this year? I think that might be a good idea.

  8. Brian Zoubek

    Do you think I can average 20 and 10 this year?

  9. G

    Can I fly? Or does it just look that way sometimes?

  10. Gabe

    What’s the story with the new scoreboard in Cameron? Is it up already? What happened to the old one?

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