Cutcliffe Holds Mini-Camp At Marketplace

David Cutcliffe broke down game film for about 30 freshmen in the Marketplace Monday night. Photo by Lawson Kurtz / The Chronicle

Far from Wallace Wade Stadium or the Yoh Football Center, head coach David Cutcliffe held a mini-camp for Duke true freshmen-regular students, not football players.

Cutcliffe made an appearance at the Marketplace Monday evening to review Saturday’s 24-20 Duke loss to Northwestern. A group of about 30 eager freshman fans listened intently as Cutcliffe went through game footage explaining what the Blue Devils did right and what they did wrong.

The session, which lasted about 30 minutes, gave the attending students an inside-out view of everything that happens during the game-both on the field and on the sideline. The discussion, however, did not exclude those fans new to the sport, as Cutcliffe made a notable effort to break the game into simple pieces: blocking, running, and passing.

“It’s really cool that he takes the time to talk with the freshman, get people involved with the program, and get students to learn what’s going on,” freshman Nick Shelburne said of Cutcliffe’s review.

It seems clear that this type of practice-of-sorts is yet another tool Cutcliffe will use to increasingly involve what he calls “the best student section in the country”. Cutcliffe said he hopes to hold game debriefings on a regular basis.

—by Lawson Kurtz



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2 responses to “Cutcliffe Holds Mini-Camp At Marketplace

  1. John '74

    Coach Cut, like Coach K, is a master psychologist. Both of these men know how to motivate. Isn’t it amazing that young men in the absolute peak of conditioning are obeisant to these two old bulls. Because athletes at Duke are students, Duke may never be a football power. But in a few years Cut will cause other coaches to dread those Saturday dates with disciplined, highly motivated football players

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