Zack Greer Will Use 5th Year At Bryant With Pressler

Zack Greer, the NCAA’s all-time leading goal scorer, has decided to use his NCAA-granted fifth year of eligibility with former Duke head coach Mike Pressler at Bryant, sources told Inside Lacrosse’s Quint Kessenich Monday.

Pressler was forced to resign from his Duke position in 2006 in light of rape allegations that later proved false. He became coach at Division-II Bryant in August 2006, and he will lead the Bulldogs as they transition to Division I next season, even though the team will not yet be eligible to participate in the postseason. Adding Greer, Duke’s best attackman and leading scorer, will undoubtedly mark a step in the right direction for Pressler’s program.

Greer graduated from Duke in the spring, but, unlike other members of his senior class with the option of a fifth year, had not announced his intentions for 2009. He could have used his fifth year at Duke, as the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer Matt Danowski did last year. Instead, he will be a graduate student at Bryant in Smithfield, R.I., markedly closer to his home in Canada. Greer needs just 68 points to eclipse Danowski as the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer. He amassed 95 points in 2007.

Of course, there are still swirling questions about Greer’s decision to attend a school with no lacrosse history just to play for his old coach. If anything, it is perhaps the greatest athletics-related development in the lacrosse case in a long time. It will likely catapult the story back in the spotlight and place Greer and Pressler under a magnifying glass, at least for Bryant’s first game next year.

We’ll have more reaction, analysis and try to get quotes from Greer as this story develops.

What do you think about Greer’s decision to use his fifth year with Pressler at Bryant?

–by Ben Cohen


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7 responses to “Zack Greer Will Use 5th Year At Bryant With Pressler

  1. chavez

    Great for Bryant and for Pressler’s first Div I team.

    Sad for Duke.

    But Duke didn’t have to lose these players; or Pressler. Duke threw its
    falsely accused students under the bus at the first opportunity; and now they can live with the results.

  2. socalsports31

    i never got the impression that greer was dissatisfied at duke. why would he sacrifice another championship run?

  3. lunk

    Because Bryant’s a mad good business school.

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  5. Matt McWright

    Greer’s move would appear an honor to Pressler, plain and simple (should Zack surpass Danowski’s all time scoring record, he’ll be giving little known Bryant University one heck of a record). From another angle, let Zack go, and let all the players from the scandal era move on. Theirs was a cursed career, it now appears obvious, given the scandal, and given the devastatingly disappointing performances that have failed to secure Duke a national title. Let’s turn the page once and for all.

  6. lunk is a moron

    lunk –“Because Bryant’s a mad good business school.”

    Tell me you’re kidding right? I’m not even certain it’s an accredited business school, let alone “mad good.”

    I’d much rather go to Fuqua at Duke, arguably a top 10 business school in the country, than to Bryant.

    What likely happened was that Greer did not get in to business school at Duke.

  7. Are you serious?

    maybe you should look up your info mr. lunk is a moron. Bryant is one of the top business schools in the country. It is rated in front on Duke for both Undergraduate business studies and graduate business studies (26th best Graduate business school in the country). it is AACSB Internatinal accredited. The highest accreditation a school can earn. Only 10% of schools internationally have this accreditation.
    Also, Bryant is one of only 120 universities world wide to have both AACSB and EQUIS accreditations.

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