Cutcliffe, Duke Earn More National Praise national columnist Gregg Doyel posted a piece on Wake Forest’s Jim Grobe this morning, but if you scroll down, you’ll notice a nice sidebar about Duke’s own David Cutcliffe in which Doyel calls the coach the best hire of the offseason.

The lede? How about…

Speaking of strange sights … what is David Cutcliffe doing at Duke?

…follow that with…

The Wake Forest job is hard. Duke is impossible. And Cutcliffe wasn’t desperate.

…add the zinger…

This man has a large resume. Duke has a miniature football program. Why would he go there?

…and you’ve got yourself a story we might be reading in about 100 different permutations once football season starts, particularly if that season includes wins. Whatever the results, though, Cutcliffe has made Duke Football into a national story, and not just because of Steve Spurrier’s annual farce of a top-25 vote.

by Meredith Shiner


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