Alleva: LSU Passion Eclipses Duke Fanatacism

Former athletic director Joe Alleva spent 32 years at Duke, and 10 as Director of Athletics. He considered himself a Blue Devil man, loyal to Duke. But in just two months in the same job at Louisiana State University, Alleva had some choice words that likely won’t sit well with Duke supporters.

“The passion for LSU is just phenomenal, it’s mind-blowing,” Alleva told  The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune. “That’s the biggest difference.”

Reporter James Varney pressed him further, asking Alleva to compare the “passion” to that of Duke’s rabid basketball fan base.

“Even then, it’s not the same,” he said.

What do you think of Alleva’s statements? How does the passion of Duke fans relate to that of other fans?

Most importantly: Is Alleva simply saying what he needs to say to blend into the Bayou?

—by Ben Cohen



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4 responses to “Alleva: LSU Passion Eclipses Duke Fanatacism

  1. It’s not a lie if you believe it I guess. Good luck LSU hoops, you need it.

  2. Laura Keeley

    Of course he is going to say that…he has to, they are paying him to say things like that. He’s not about to say the support at his last job was better.

  3. ChicagoDukie

    Hey Joe…becareful boating in those swamps down there……I hear they can cause a REAL headache

  4. Stephanie

    It’s not a question of how Duke fans’ passion relates to that of “other fans.” LSU fans are in another stratosphere when it comes to passion and devotion for their team. There’s nothing to compare.

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