Katz on K’s Jam-Packed Summer

ESPN basketball senior writer Andy Katz had a lot of material from which to pull in constructing this ESPN.com profile on Mike Krzyzewski: from the departure of Duke’s associate head coach Johnny Dawkins and director of basketball operations Mike Schrage to picking up former Stanford recruit Miles Plumlee to widdling down the short list of 33 players down to 12 for Team USA. Krzyzewski spoke out on Dawkins taking the Stanford job—reiterating that his former right-hand man is ready for the head-coaching task, as well as the relatively quick promotions of son-in-law Chris Spatola (to the director of basketball operations post) and former player Chris Carrawell to Spatola’s position on the bench.

“With all the stuff going on, with my staff, I had a few balls to juggle,” Krzyzewski said. “It’s all in place now. I don’t have much time. It all has got to be done right because it can’t linger. I don’t have much time.”

A storyline buried beneath the coaching carousel and the glamor of Team USA, and hinted to at the end of Katz’s column, is that the Duke team taking the court next season will be one of the most veteran in years: “We finally have experience coming back. We’ll have a deep team. We had a chance to be very good, and our kids were very good this year” [note: the emphasis added is mine]. Now, lots of decisions and chances behind K, the only thing that’s really clear is that plenty more lie ahead. Whatever happens, though, both with the Blue Devils and Team USA, it should be pretty interesting to watch.

—by Meredith Shiner


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