Cutcliffe Towing Cars, Changing a Culture

In his tour to promote Duke Football, first-year head coach David Cutcliffe is making his way through his old stomping grounds in Knoxville, Tenn., where the Go Vols Extra blog caught up with him for a quick Q&A. Some of the highlights:

  • I made a lot of people mad. I closed off our practice facility and had some cars towed from some other coaches that were parking where they weren’t supposed to be parking. I made some enemies, but they found out real quick that we’re going to have a football program here that’s not going to be disrespected.
  • I’d say it to their face. They’re not going to disrespect football. It’s the dawn of a new day.
  • Will we be good enough that it will compute to wins? I can’t say that just yet. We’ve got a summer to go. By gosh, we’re going to win some football games. You wait and see.
  • They don’t all have to be great students. That’s a misnomer and an excuse that’s been used.
  • We intend to sign really good North Carolina football players. We’ve already gotten a really good jump start on that. We’ve gotten tremendous interest. Once we get one or two of these young men committed, the ball is going to start dropping in our direction.

–by Ben Cohen


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