Who Will Replace Dawkins?

Given Johnny Dawkins’ departure from the Duke bench, the one question that immediately comes to mind is obvious: Who will replace Dawkins on Duke’s coaching staff? Here are a few names The Chronicle thinks you should keep your eyes on:

  • THE FAVORITE: Nate James. James, who played at Duke from 1997-2001, was on the sideline last year, helping out in practice in an unofficial role. He’s the best bet to get the official nod and might be able to help former point guard Steve Wojciechowski with the big men. Plus, he won a national championship in 2001, which never hurts.
  • THE DARKHORSE: Chris Spatola. Head coach Mike Krzyzewski’s son-in-law, Spatola is a graduate assistant and head team manager. He was the point guard at Army from 1999-2002, Krzyzewski’s exact position in the 60s. It seems likely that Spatola will become an official assistant in the future, but it will probably take one more coaching move for him to get the promotion.
  • THE LONGSHOT: Chris Carrawell. Carrawell was named Duke’s athletics outreach coordinator this year, responsible mainly for coordinating the department’s community service efforts. The 2000 ACC Player of the Year also teams up with James to host a local summer basketball camp. It doesn’t seem probable, though, that he would earn the position over James or Spatola.

Who have we forgotten? Who do you think should replace Dawkins on the Duke bench?

–by Ben Cohen



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3 responses to “Who Will Replace Dawkins?

  1. Scott

    Will Dawkins take any of the current assistants or Carrawell with him? Spatola + Collins + Wojo doesn’t do much for diversity. What about J Will getting back in the loop?

  2. William Heugh

    I think that Jason Williams would be a great fit for the team. Posssibly even bring back Quinn Snyder.
    He needs a rehab of his image but is a very good coach.
    W. Heugh

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