Pigskin Prognosticators…Already?

Over at The Daily Northwestern, the sports staff put out a spring football preview in which five writers offered their game-by-game breakdown for the Wildcats. On Sept. 6, Northwestern comes to Durham to continue a home-and-home series that began last year.

Not really a surprise, but all five scribes picked the Wildcats over the Blue Devils. One of their comments: “Pay Back.” That’s in reference to Duke’s 20-14 win in Evanston last year, a game I had the fortune to watch and report about from the press box on top of Ryan Field. Judging from the Northwestern fans’ post-game reactions, losing to the lowly Blue Devils was not something they had even considered before the game. “We lost to Duke?” I heard one shocked spectator moan after the game.

Our colleagues over in Evanston are a bit ahead of us. We’ll take until the last week of August for our football preview, in which The Chronicle’s staffers will present their predictions for Duke’s record, biggest win, team MVP, Heisman Trophy winner and more. Start counting down the days.

–by Ben Cohen


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