Media Musings

It’s easy to measure the hype of a game simply by looking at the media seating chart, and from what the slab of paper hanging in the MSG press room is telling me, tonight’s matchup is a marquee game.

Sitting courtside are: Andy Katz (ESPN) and Seth Davis, Luke Winn and Kevin Armstrong (Sports Illustrated/ The New York Times and USA Today are here, as is Dick “Hoops” Weiss from the NY Daily News. ESPN The Magazine’s Jon Pessah, who wrote a piece that was somewhat critical of Coach K a few weeks ago, is also on press row; his presence should make for an interesting post-game press conference.

We also saw someone that looks eerily like famed UCLA head coach John Wooden. In fact, it very well might be the Wizard of Westwood. More on that later.

As for The Chronicle? We got bumped off of the floor. Sorry, Mom, you won’t be seeing me on ESPN tonight.


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